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March 2022 Playlist + Retrospective

March was one of our most productive months in our short, two-month history. We’ve listened to a lot of music. The playlist we’ve compiled is, this time around, featuring only sounds we haven’t managed to write about, mainly due to lack of time. Here it is, and below it you can find the March retrospective, with extra categories (best music video and live performances). Best … Continue reading March 2022 Playlist + Retrospective

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Album review: Now, Now – Saved (2018)

We’ve been fans of Now Now (formerly known as Now Now, Every Children) ever since their 2007 debut EP, Not One But Two. It’s a great feeling when you discover that bands you loved when you were younger are still around making wonderful music, so when we realized that in 2019 the band had dropped Enda – a massive single which saw the duo refining … Continue reading Album review: Now, Now – Saved (2018)