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Spotlight + Album review: Bendik – Liv (2022)

Bendik is one of our favorite Norwegian artists, first coming into our attention with her song “Aldri”, featured in the 2012 film “Flukt (Escape)”, which starred Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Westworld) in a captivating villainous turn. “Aldri” was a stunning composition, a combination of rock and electronic, with shifts in rhythm, a killer electric bass and a soaring voice that oscillated between soothing chants, rich harmonies … Continue reading Spotlight + Album review: Bendik – Liv (2022)

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Album review: Now, Now – Saved (2018)

We’ve been fans of Now Now (formerly known as Now Now, Every Children) ever since their 2007 debut EP, Not One But Two. It’s a great feeling when you discover that bands you loved when you were younger are still around making wonderful music, so when we realized that in 2019 the band had dropped Enda – a massive single which saw the duo refining … Continue reading Album review: Now, Now – Saved (2018)

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Album Review: Braids – Shadow Offering (2020)

Braids is a Canadian electronic/art-rock trio, consisting of Raphaelle-Standell Preston, Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith. Catching our attention with ‘Amends’ (from their second album, “Flourish/Perish”), the band simply stood out with their reverb-heavy production style which placed it somewhere between the deeper, more soulful sound of Hundred Waters and the experimentation of Young Magic. With unpredictable song structures and heavy use of polyphony, Braids went … Continue reading Album Review: Braids – Shadow Offering (2020)