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Currents: July 2022 Playlist + Retrospective

The Currents retrospective continues the trend solidified so far at the end of every month, in which I discuss my findings and thoughts about music and other music-related areas mainly having to do with image and/or moving images. Currents is not a real playlist, it’s a place of music discovery taking many detours, morphing and never settling for one area, artist or genre, discouraging obsession … Continue reading Currents: July 2022 Playlist + Retrospective

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June 2022 Playlist + Retrospective

We were in music discovery mode in June, and alongside the many great albums and EPs released in the past month, from artists like 070 Shake, Empress Of, The Range, Mr. Little Jeans and Purity Ring, there were also a lot of music videos and visual albums which raised the bar and surprised us. In addition, we enjoyed music by Black Dresses, IMLAY, Kat Cunning, … Continue reading June 2022 Playlist + Retrospective