Meet The Team

Mihail Baltateanu

Writer, Builder

Music fanatic, horror film reviewer and web developer, I started posting about music more than 10 years ago. From Vivaldi and Iron Maiden to Tegan and Sara and The Knife, once I got into electronic music I never looked back, but I like all genres and approaches as long as it makes for a memorable (and blissful) listen.

Lisa Lebel


Lisa is a freelance writer, book reviewer, and editor currently based in Georgia, but a New Yorker at heart. After having collaborated with Mihail, she is honored to come on board as Editor in Chief at An Empty Bliss Magazine.

Vlad Stoian


Romanian gay vlogger, gambler and music blogger. Vlad Stoian has been an independent music journalist since 2007 when he made his blogosphere debut with To Deny A Sound, inspired by a verse from The Verve’s “Come On”. Inspired by the debuts of two Swedish bands – Boat Club and Shout Out Louds, since 2009 he has been asking musicians everywhere to write exclusively for his Warmer Climes project about ten favorite songs, connecting comments to personal life stories around those songs.

Viscerally obsessed with Scandinavia, fundamentally fascinated by Alanis Morissette and Bjork, Vlad is always looking for experimental music with tropical flavors or good lyrics.



Adam here! Hailing from the coldest depths of Canada. I am a long time music fan, and have been fortunate enough to always be in a position of working with tunes going. Music is a constant source of inspiration and I look forward to sharing some of my favorite albums with you here at An Empty Bliss.

Are you interested in writing for us?

If you’re a music fan, artist or writer and you would like to contribute to AEB, send us an email at, or leave a comment on one of the articles, and we’ll get in touch.