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Lost Gems: The Stills, Kiss Me Deadly, Levy, The Innocence Mission, Dilermando Reis & Kelly De Martino


Music I can’t forget, music to fall in love with.

The Stills – Logic Will Break Your Heart [2003]

Winter itself. It’s so intense and grand, smooth, intimate like no other… Empty and looking forward to a new tomorrow with vague hopes… Crying love… From the record’s title, sublime in every way, to the way this Stills wondrous debut is produced. The graphics, the lyrics, the sounds, the videos, the cover by Santiago Marotto. Absolutely every detail that came with this material contains something uniquely charming, otherworldly, stellar, stirring obsession… Nothing in the entire career which followed their signing by the Arts&Crafts label ever reached the sophistication and splendor so simply stated in Logic’s 12 tracks…
I have a lot of wonderful memories with this album as a soundtrack to my life and I’m thrilled to have the chance to express them somewhere. Please (re)listen to it and (re)feel its fascinations, its candor for yourselves! I’m sure you’ll love it just as much… Changes Are No Good, Yesterday Never Tomorrows, Let’s Roll, Love And Death… In my head, this is what winter sounds like to a lonely lover. The guitar of a Greg Paquet who left the band after making this… He really left his mark in there. Tim’s heartbreaking voice, singing his beliefs and noisy wounds… I get all the chills… I regret that the formula of The Stills has not remained the same as on the first record. This is the essence of the band and I’m sure it will remain this way. They sadly decided to break up in 2011. An unrepeatable Indie Rock masterpiece, it stands out as the best of its decade. Essential, deep-rooted, vibrating with rage, defying Time. Logic will break our hearts forever.



Kiss Me Deadly – ​​Misty Medley [2005]

Another underappreciated fantasy. Imagine an exemplary mix of Blonde Redhead, Echo And The Bunnymen, Fugazi crossed with Sonic Youth. Pop made with Emily Elizabeth on vocals and guitar, plus comrades Adam Poulin – guitarist, Mathieu du Montier – bassist, drummer Erik Petersen and violinist Sophie Trudeau. Touring across America with Bloc Party, an EP and then… this scary and harmonious vision that entered the shadow realm too early. I’ve been talking to them and it’s still up in the air whether the band will ever continue with a new record or will forever stay in the mists. There are some sporadic side projects, uncertain plans and there is the romance of this disc, made to last… If there is something that fascinates me about this group, their guitars and programming… it is the unique way in which they create. There is a poetry in their strings that I was not fated to know from anywhere else. Well-crafted, endearing. Buy something like this if you want Music in your room.



Dilermando Reis – Volta Ao Mundo [1959]

Dilermando Dos Santos Reis is one of Brazil’s most acclaimed traditional guitarists. He made many beautiful souls happy in Rio de Janeiro, where he spent most of his life. He worked as a radio host and was connected to many famous recording studios at the time. From 1941 to 1975, he released more than 40 albums. He interpreted Bach or Tárrega, but kept his focus on local creators. It’s pleasant and reminds me of Bossa Nova, albeit a variation that deviates from the formula.


Levy – Rotten Love [2005]

Signed by the same label as Björk, James Levy (with his band Levy) released his debut – and career-best album – in 2005. He tried four more times (one time with the band and three subsequent solo outings), but it didn’t come out as brutally honest as this, shifting to unhealthy Folk territory over time, becoming sad and non-Pop. Rotten Love, the titular track is about Regina Spektor and how Julian Casablancas of The Strokes came and stole her away from him. Queen Regina was in love at that time, yes… shockingly enough, with these two princes. All in all, a CD with harmonious lamentations as a result of that very love. Rotten Love, Rivka and Rector Street, these three alone give the material enough flavor. A warm companion for the bruised nights of now. I hide in the verses and…”I think about me and what I’ve done…I think about me and what I’ve become“…



The Innocence Mission – Befriended [2003]

Karen and Don Peris have been doing divine work in the Dream Pop/Folk area since 1989. They released their thirteenth album in 2020 and it’s called See You Tomorrow. Even if their ballads sound too religious and naïve at times, there’s an abstract flavor of longing, searching for new places from the  solitary comfort of your bedroom that always woke the scientist in me… Also unforgettable is Don’s four-album solo career and Karen’s two solo outings (her A Song Is Way Above The Lawn was released last year through Bella Union). However, their long journey’s sixth album, the one we’re talking about here, released in 2003, remains influential and resonates deeply still. Not only does it include the hits Beautiful Change and When Mac Was Swimming, but it also features lyrics by Gerard Manley Hopkins. It is sweet, syrupy, with a lot of peace. Like an extended lullaby. Eternal.

Nobody knows, darling…

Nobody knows how they are loved…

Don’t worry, my darling, The Sun’s coming up…



Kelly De Martino – Radar [2005]

Kelly De Martino is an American actor with a career spanning several series/commercials and two musical albums. I picked her debut here – she made another one in 2008. She is in love with Paris and wanted to live there with all her heart. She modeled, it was messy somehow – ended up signing with a French label and publishing these fascinating ballads. The charming voice, the Lo-Fi atmospheres, the comforting Folk and lyrics filled with passion and sadness make De Martino an artist of great nobility. Even though she sometimes sounds casual and raw, her unique interpretation often draws comparisons (from Last.fm, for example) to Mazzy Star’s iconic Hope Sandoval or Shivaree.


Featured Image is Without Interest by Abe Nava

About the artist (source: abenava.org)

My name is Abe Nava, I’m a Visual Artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. My work is a combination of drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design. The goal of launching this site is to extend my reach. I’m looking for an audience beyond random cousins and the homies I met in middle school.

I was born and raised in the valley of the sun. I’ve been drawing and painting since childhood but started taking the work more seriously around 2015. Since then, I’ve moved into photography and freelance graphic design work as well. Really the motivation for using different mediums is wanting to communicate broad topics and ideas into digestible, concise work. Stripping things down to their most essential elements is what excites me about the creative process. I love fine art and the heady subjects it can tackle, but hate the stigma of pretense that comes with it. I hope my work is accessible and goes down smooth.

What has kept me motivated in this pursuit is the collaborations I’ve had the privilege to be a part of. The support the arts community has for one another is inspiring. I’m lucky to have worked with musicians, streamers, organizations, and business owners over the years. Whether it be commissioned artwork, logo design, promotional marketing, personal branding, or something new altogether, I’m up for the challenge!

Other works by Abe Nava

Second Hand
Don’t Be Fooled by the Crops in Biloxi

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