Fear of Tigers Featured Image

Lost Gems: Fear Of Tigers – Cossus Snufsigalonica (2010)

Either I was a perfect fit to assimilate him, or this collection of electro is the finest of 2010, as I screamed for the first time more than a decade ago. It’s shocking and hurried like hell. It’s the kind of record that makes me say “close your eyes and see the sounds!”

It’s a trip to Cossus Snufsigalonica, about the meanings of which I may have time (because he will visit Romania this summer and invited me for a beer) to ask him, Benjamin Berry, who is an experienced Englishman, 40 years old (I thought it was the production of a 17-year-old kid), who has behind him an explosive range of remixes for various and famous names like The Sound Of Arrows, Anoraak, Mille, Pnau, Visitor, Visage or his real life friend – Edwin Van Cleef (very close to the sound of the FOT world).

As he remembers, the album became a minor cult hit and won a diverse bunch of fans, from Thom Yorke, Bob Mould (of Husker Du fame) to Ville Valo of H.I.M. and it topped many of the the Bittorrent charts between 2010 – 2013.

I first heard it in December 2009, when it launched for free in advance on (God!) MySpace. Fresh to heaven. It turned out that it was a Saturday night when I had actually frozen on the decorated streets of Bucharest, I was returning from a fantastic weekend with José González and Jay-Jay Johanson live… Four in the morning and a cold I had the feeling that the buildings were falling on me… Fear Of Tigers in my ears… This record that transported me to warmer places, somewhere where anything is possible… Just look at that magic cover! And you will be there!

Even though “I Can Make The Pain Disappear” & “Calling Your Name” are two of the tracks that caught me mad, my absolute favorites are “What Did I Do?” and “The Rich Cry Too“.

In the titular song we hear The Rhythm of the Night by Corona (1993), in Calling Your Name he used the original Anomaly (Calling Your Name) by Taylor (1996), and in my favorite (about the rich) we can listen to excerpts from Turn It Around by Alena (1998), all wrapped in an invigorating poetic mix of House, Synth-Pop and Disco.

I can still feel the pain even after the bruise… is cried by another sample (about whose original I can’t find any information) in the chorus of What Did I Do. The verse that haunts me completely.

In the end it’s a journal of Pop feelings repacked for driving late at night around town and reflecting about love and life. Textures of permanent fun drowned in most spectacular sentiment of busy-ness.

French House from a gay bar in the 80’s, insanely overproduced as a compliment and very timeless in the universality of useless glam.

The general feeling – I would say vital now – is that the Earth is still spinning beautifully. A madness! I’m telling you!



Featured Image is Demon Belgian Malinois plus demon kitten friend by dreadfulhounds

Reading Material: Warmer Mixtapes #88: Benjamin Berry, by Warmer Climes

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