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Here is my portion of things I listened to or watched obsessively this past month. Out of fascination or curiosity, I spent days on the following: ONE SONG__________________________ Fennec – bnb [2022] Bossa nova as religion, exotically melancholic and somewhere between Earl Sweatshirt, J Dilla and Clams Casino. That’s how you’ll start to assimilate him. The Austin-based ex-lawyer-turned-DJ seems to be the (better) non-homophobic and … Continue reading FEAST ON SCRAPS – JULY 2022

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Bigsound 2022 Spotlight Playlist

Bigsound is Australia’s leading new music festival and conference, with a massive lineup comprised of emerging musicians, as well as talks aimed at solving today’s big issues and shaping the future of music. Bigsound has been the launching pad for innovative acts like Flume and Courtney Barnett, and the 2022 edition will feature performances from Budjerah, Ashwarya, Alter Boy, Mia Wray, BLOODMOON and Woodes, as … Continue reading Bigsound 2022 Spotlight Playlist

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Lost Gems: Boat Club – Caught The Breeze (2007)

On a beach. With the setting sun. I will anchor here… in the Sound. The friendly wind loses me at sea. Seagulls away. The sand is green, and your dreams may be purple. You have Boat Club in your ears and you are looking for yourself. Silent. We all know the Balearic Beats from the mid-90s, when they started wreaking havoc on the islands of … Continue reading Lost Gems: Boat Club – Caught The Breeze (2007)

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Discover: Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker is an Indiana-born musician best known in the trip-hop/downtempo world for her two albums, Urban Angel and With You, offering listeners a distinctive, unforgettable flavor of melancholic, cinematic electronica. Having been part of the group Daughter Darling, Walker released Urban Angel in 2006, and her music has since been featured in film and television, including well known titles such as Marie Antoinette and … Continue reading Discover: Natalie Walker

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Lost Gems: Fear Of Tigers – Cossus Snufsigalonica (2010)

Either I was a perfect fit to assimilate him, or this collection of electro is the finest of 2010, as I screamed for the first time more than a decade ago. It’s shocking and hurried like hell. It’s the kind of record that makes me say “close your eyes and see the sounds!” It’s a trip to Cossus Snufsigalonica, about the meanings of which I … Continue reading Lost Gems: Fear Of Tigers – Cossus Snufsigalonica (2010)

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Discover: immi (Mayu Nakazawa)

[This article is a second version of a 2021 post I made about immi, with a lot of corrections] immi (Mayu Nakazawa) is a Japanese electronic artist who made her debut in 2007 with the single Cosmic Pink. immi takes listeners on a musical journey through a mix of genres – tech house, electro-funk, disco, rock, and even a bit of trance, EDM and r&b. … Continue reading Discover: immi (Mayu Nakazawa)

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June 2022 Playlist + Retrospective

We were in music discovery mode in June, and alongside the many great albums and EPs released in the past month, from artists like 070 Shake, Empress Of, The Range, Mr. Little Jeans and Purity Ring, there were also a lot of music videos and visual albums which raised the bar and surprised us. In addition, we enjoyed music by Black Dresses, IMLAY, Kat Cunning, … Continue reading June 2022 Playlist + Retrospective