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Discover: ALTER, The Platform For Unconventional Horror

ALTER is a platform (together with website and Youtube channel) which focuses on innovative horror short films. In their own words: “reaching passionate horror fans across all social channels and a linear free-to-view OTT channel, ALTER gives the next generation of horror a rabid and global audience that allows us to challenge the status quo while still paying homage to the great horror of yesterday.

If you enjoyed our new-wave horror analysis and playlist, ALTER would be the logical next place to follow, featuring award-winning short films which explore the darkest corners of our minds, with a focus on new-wave horror. However, with over 500 short films featured, deciding what to watch first can be a daunting task.

We have compiled a playlist of 58 ALTER films we definitely recommend if you want to get up to speed with the most daring horror shorts of the past three years. Horror tropes such as witchcraft, parallel worlds, doppelgangers, stalkers, social media addiction, serial killers, haunted places and evil spirits join bold, queer deconstructions, potent metaphors for real-world fears and, most of all, authentic stories that many will relate to. There some are films that impress through their cinematography and vibrant color palette, as well as those that will stay with you because of a great idea and execution, horror-comedies as well as relentless shockers and bold social commentary. Many of those short films could be the basis for a full-length feature film, and a few of them even are (The Stylist and Creswick).

In the playlist you can find films starring horror icons, like Brea Grant (My Monster), Najarra Townsend (The Stylist), Alex Essoe (The Home), Jessica Brown Findlay (Aftertaste), Sophia Di Martino (Smear), Karen Gillan (Conventional), Dasha Nekrasova (The Sound of Blue, Green and Red) and Rainn Wilson (Good Samaritan). You can watch all 5of the films below or by clicking here, and you can leave a comment if you enjoyed a film or follow the filmmakers on their social media.


Featured image is “Midsommar/The Witch Special Edition/Hereditary” by Dom Bittner.

About the artist (source:

Dom Bittner

As a kid I was obsessed with horror films; stemming from when I watched the original A Nightmare On Elm Street film when I was just six years old. I remember although I was engulfed with fear, I was so intrigued by what was happening on the screen that I couldn’t look away. It was at this very moment my love for horror was born.

I love horror films, I love creating artwork. Merge the two together and there’s nothing but pure enjoyment there for me. I began creating hand painted posters inspired by my favourite horror films during the first UK coronavirus lockdown; it has since become something I have completely fallen in love with doing. The paintings are made using acrylic paint on paper.

Other works by Dan Bittner:

The Neon Demon alternative poster
It Follows alternative poster
Saint Maud alternative poster

Reading Material: Interview with Dom Bittner on

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