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KRANE (Zachary Krane)

Collaboration is the key to artistic growth. Prolific electronic producer KRANE understands this better than anyone, and he has released no less than three collaborative albums, seeking, in his own words, “to cultivate a community of producers to collaborate on tracks with” and “to get back to (…) roots, remain experimental and just focus on the music and have fun.”

KRANE is a US producer who first came to our attention through his collaborations with Alison Wonderland and Raye. Over a busy last couple of years, he has also remixed artists such as K.Flay, Zhu, and Yogi.

KRANE’s remixes have a habit of making songs achieve their maximum EDM or chillout potential, by taking what’s already there and using a mix of old-school and new-school techniques. His touch is an extremely polished one, optimizing the originals by widening vocals with extra stereo and reverb, creating resonating melodies and new hooks by adding gated synths, deep basslines, bells, and claps. KRANE is definitely a maximalist artist, at times heavily reminding us of Slow Magic and ODESZA (the latter also have a similar approach when it comes to collaborating and developing a community around them).

In 2016, KRANE (as KRNE) collaborated with TOKiMONSTA and Anderson Paak on “Put It Down,” and in 2017 he released the first volume of “Sessions,” which is available in its entirety on Soundcloud. In our Soundcloud opinion article, we did mention that the platform is still useful as an EDM music discovery gateway. SESSIONS is available as a series of three albums, but also as a Soundcloud channel where the level of conversation between producers and fans is inspiring, to say the least.

For “Sessions,” KRANE and an assortment of talented producers achieve a great balance between epic, melodic, mixtape-friendly tunes and pure electronic experimentation, with selections ranging from trap anthems, warm summer chillout sounds to massive rave and EDM hits. The songs from “Sessions” always start big, and our favorite from vol. 1 is the Ghasper-featuring “Fake Friends,” with a set of awesome hooks, pitched-up vocals and warm synth piano.

The standout tracks from vol. 2, which doubles down on the trap vibes, are “Momentum” featuring Hanz, and “Nothing to Lose” featuring Jupom. “Momentum” is a genre-defying track which surprises at every turn, balancing the pure momentum of EDM with a stunning lead synth and even a subtle piano interlude, ending up in a lush explosion of energy and texture. “Nothing To Lose” is another notable track which – and we’re being biased here – sounds a lot like Slow Magic’s seminal “On Yr Side.”

For vol. 3 of “Sessions”, KRANE described an outline of how he wanted the collaboration process to go, and it certainly is the most polished release out of all of them, to the point where it’s hard to select a favorite, although “Sea Of Flowers” feat. Akame certainly stands out.

In his 2021 album release, “Getting Better,” KRANE takes his multi-genre approach even further, dropping a masterpiece of electronic and alternative R&B. “Who Loved You Better” is special because it fuses liquid drum&bass with an R&B delivery, and both “Only One” and “Tell Me Why” complement velvet-like vocals with massive drops, pitched-down samples and beats which seem to phase in and out like needles.

2022 saw the release of “Moonbeans,” where KRANE teamed up with Heimanu once more and added Juelz to the mix, resulting in a triptych of a song, a delightful journey highlighting the strengths of each of the three producers and one of the biggest EDM anthems of the year.

KRANE continues to be one of the most constant and noteworthy presences of the electronic world. His samples and sound packs are downloaded by artists and fans alike, and you will perhaps be surprised to hear that Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” features one of his samples (with his own remix of Dua Lipa’s “Be The One” being massive in every way).


Featured image is Explosion of Pink by Olya G

Reading material is An Introduction to Fluid Art by ArtShed

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