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Music News (29 March 2022): Let’s Eat Grandma. Hyd. Innellea. Rone. Eartheater.

Let’s Eat Grandma share magical train window video for “Levitating”

If you take long train journeys, you might have been, at some point in your life, mesmerized by the train window next to you. The quick succession of a constant stream of images of faraway objects and miniaturized beings tends to reduce the boredom and stress levels, and there’s something fascinating about the opaque surface of the window itself. This week, our favorite duo Let’s Eat Grandma returned with another video to go with their upcoming Two Ribbons album release, one which seems to echo these train window meditations, as well as subvert their usual distanced “view”. Playing with themes of magic, fantasy and distance, “Levitation” is yet another synth-pop masterpiece from the band which made our favorite start-of-2022 tune (or just our favorite tune of the year so far), “Happy New Year”.

New Hayden Dunham music has been around for a while

Hayden Dunham

QT fans, rejoice! If you were among the lucky ones to have witnessed one of the most infectious and subversive blends of pop and performance art of the past decade – the “Hey QT” video – and were looking for new material from the artist, you’re in for a major surprise: there was a short film that you might have missed (we did), a MoMA art installation by Hayden Dunham called 7 Sisters, and a Daata visualization simply called “Hayden Dunham” (take a breath and enjoy browsing the Daata vimeo channel, or subscribe to their website for more avant-garde, PC Music-like art discovery). In 2021, several collaborations with the late SOPHIE made their way online, and later Dunham debuted an EP under the moniker Hyd. Hyd’s music is entrancing, owing a lot to SOPHIE and even sounding a bit like Ultraista. It’s cutting-edge electronic music with a pop facade, and we’re just extremely happy that it exists.

The latest Hyd song is “Into My Arms”, a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover. You can watch it below, and we’re expecting more sounds as we restlessly browse the Internet for traces of Dunham’s art and fascinating interviews.

Innellea adds to string of stellar Afterlife releases with “Distorted Youth” video

The name Innellea seemingly related to musical reinvention, and the whole Afterlife project seems to be just that: equally music label and novel music journey, it has seen some stunning releases recently: KA:SST’s VTOPIA music video, a Placebo cover by Anyma echoing the great days of MTV Dancefloor Chart and a techno Journey to the Underworld, courtesy of Brazilian prodigy ANNA. Innellea’s video is a wonder in itself, a blurred, crimson AFK dream-walk that proudly stands as one of the most brilliant electronic releases of late, a calling card for the abstract nature of Innellea’s music (defined by Resident Advisor as “driving spheres, impulsive vibes and melodic touches of genuine feelings”).

Rone collaborates with Spike Jonze and (LA)HORDE on incredibly immersive short film “Ghosts”

The music video for Rone’s Ghosts is one of the best things we’ve ever seen, period. The French producer who first came into our attention with Apache (and the first musician to have us googling “binaural beats“) rose to attention this year by delivering a stunning soundtrack to Jacques Audiard’s upcoming movie, “Paris, 13th District” (or, as it is known in France, “Les Olympiades“). At the same time, he continued his collaboration with (LA)HORDE and the Marseilles Ballet (which began in 2020 with Room With A View) and worked off a script provided by none other than Spike Jonze (“Her”). Ghosts is an electrifying museum tour/dance performance video/ghost story/rave party which will tingle your ears and haunt you forever, quite possibly the best music video of the year and one we’re happy to feature here on AEB.

Eartheater’s “Scripture” is the soundtrack to your atmospheric entry

You might not need to know anything else about Eartheater, the stage name of Pennsylvania-born Alexandra Drewchin, other than the fact that she covered Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” and gave one of the most overused songs in the history of film and tv soundtracks an entirely new spin. Scripture is one of those massive electronic singles you kick yourself over missing out on – a blend of rave ethos and symphonic grandeur (or, as one Youtube commenter aptly puts it, “classic trance leads, trap beats and an almost alien, ethereal vocal and melody”) and we can think of no better way of rounding up this 100% electronic music news post than to just leave it here.


Featured image is “Into One” + “A Body Of Fire” + “Sunbath” by Hayden Dunham.

Reading material: Hayden Dunham’s 7 Sisters & her Forty Five Ten feature

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