SXSW 2022 Featured Image

SXSW 2022 Spotlight Playlist

The South By Southwest festival, taking place this year from March 11-20 in Austin, Texas, is the biggest festival of its kind, one of the true gatekeepers of avant-garde, indie and world music, simply one of the best places for the discovery of new artists to obsess over. Even if you can’t attend, there will be numerous SXSW live performances streamed online in the following weeks, and enough material for hundreds of mixes and playlists. Here at An Empty Bliss, we have compiled a playlist of our favorite artists performing at this year’s edition of SXSW.

We recommend you just dig in and settle on something you like – SXSW aims for diversity in its lineup, including international artists, and to bring attention to lesser-known acts. If you do want to know more before you give it a spin, here’s a short description of what you will find inside our SXSW 2022 Spotlight Playlist:

Our journey starts and ends with Cifika, dubbed by iD “the next chapter in Korean electronic music” in 2018. Moving on, you will hear R&B (Jaylon Ashaun, Luna Li, Jaymes Ward, Kinami), soul (Xavier Omär), rap (Pink Siifu, SKAAI, Omerettà The Great), electro-pop (Kimbra, Katherine Duska, Magdalena Bay), ambient (Claire Rousay), jazz (John Mills Times Ten), art-pop (HARU NEMURI, Anna Fox Rochinski), indie-rock (Emily Wolfe, Jade Bird, Ruido Rosa), catchy pop tunes (Phebe Starr, Sabrina Song), twisted electronic (Emmanuelle June, Japanese Breakfast), bedroom pop (okayceci), a stunning 11 minute-long collage film from Japanese duo MIRRROR and a lot of acts which defy categorization (Sophia Kennedy, IAN SWEET, Mother Falcon, Quinn Christopherson).

We hope you enjoy our SXSW 2022 playlist (we’ll make more and provide coverage for major upcoming festivals this year, including a list of our favorite summer fests to attend, based on lineups and locations). Which is this year’s SXSW act you’re looking forward to seeing the most? Leave a comment below.

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