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Free Ukraine: A Ukrainian Electronic Playlist

Several days ago, an open letter signed by artists from the Ukraininan electronic music scene was published, asking the global community to fight against Russian aggression. As a tribute to our favorite Ukrainian artists and as an intro to the thriving electronic scene in Ukraine, we have compiled a playlist comprised of 25 songs. Please keep in mind that the website CDM has a list of Ukraine-based musicians you can choose to support, and that Bandcamp is an awesome tool for doing so.

Our playlist contains several surprises: in it you will find a twisted Macarena cover by Maryana Klochko; several stunning chillout/psybass tracks by Boketto; a captivating video by Kataryna Gryvul revealing the “caustic silence” of isolation; a rocket launched into the vortex by Anastasia Gromova; a texture-filled kiss from John Object; a trippy starship mission log from Voin Oruwu; a spoken word piece by Karizza draining the blood of the 21st century; a kick-filled, defiant dance track sending the listener directly to the heartland of ‘∄’ (the epicentre of intersectionality in Kyiv); a ’90s style journey through “post Kiyv” by D.Dan; a mindmelting audio collaging live experiment; ultimately, a rallying cry to free the Ukraine by Ars.

Notable channels/labels to follow:

If you still feel like listening to (a lot) more music from Ukraine-based musicians, here are three live performances by Daria Kolosova, Jana Woodstock, and John Object:

Here‘s an updated list of ways you can support the people of Ukraine. Recently, a support and information platform called Filmmakers for Ukraine has been launched, as a lot of Ukraine’s directors are travelling the country to document the hellish events following Putin’s invasion. A livestream benefit for Ukraine concert hosted by Gogol Bordello has also been released on the Mandolin platform. There are countless ways to donate, help or spread the word in order to make the situation of besieged Ukrainian citizens more bearable.

Featured image is ‘let it burn!’ by Ieva Paliukaitytė.

Stop War by Linda Valere Valere

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