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February 2022 Playlist + Retrospective

The month of February 2022 will forever remain in history as the month in which Russia invaded Ukraine, so for a while, nearing the end of it, it didn’t make much sense to post anything about music and art. But with the end of winter comes transformation and renewed hope, so we compiled a February playlist comprised of both songs we’ve featured and songs that we haven’t, and below you can find a short February retrospective:

Favorite February Song: FKA Twigs – darjeeling feat. Jorja Smith & Unknown T

You can’t go wrong with Twigs suddenly covering ATB, or that stunning drill portion. Darjeeling is definitely our favorite February song, and the very short runtime of her newest videos might become a running trend.

Favorite February album release: FKA Twigs – Caprisongs

The whole Caprisongs album is just stunning, and we can’t wait to review it! Definitely her best material in a long while. While Twigs is known for her twisted brand of R&B, this mixtape is her drawing from hip-hop, an almost joyful release after the darkness of Magdalene.

Biggest February Surprise: Sevdaliza – Everything is Everything

Sevdaliza dropping a vocal house track which the fans nonetheless embraced definitely has to be the biggest February surprise. “Raving Dahlia” is another favorite album of the past month, and it’s very different than her usual albums, taking her sound in bold new directions.

Favorite artist we discovered in February: SWARMM

SWARMM creates texture-filled apocalyptic soundscapes mixing techno and dark ambient, and this is the kind of music which will surely postpone any anxiety. In February, we also discovered Ani Klang, Maxwell Sterling, 4:3, and Fold with its enormous archive of techno streams.

“The Sky is Everywhere” is director Josephine Decker dropping the mic on all YA movies out there. This movie is utterly drunk! A true sensory overload, a magical realist romance that pays tribute to Bach, The Wizard of Oz, Wuthering Heights and Peter Pan. It’s the Madeline Madeline of music-school films. It’s the Thou Wast Mild and Lovely of YA romances. It’s not her most accessible film. It’s on the level with Amelie. Jo Decker makes the only films where you can basically feel the fabric of everything – ‘tactile’ cinema, one of sensations, where you can get lost in the magic of some scenes to the point of forgetting subtitles exist.

Best February tv-show: Inventing Anna

There was nothing more bizarre, outrageous and satisfying in February than hearing Julia Garner’s bizarre and outrageous accent as Anna Delvey. Whatever one might think of the subject matter (there was a whole discussion around whether criminals should get to tell their stories and profit from them), the hip-hop soundtrack is glorious, and the show pokes fun at both the NYC art scene and Wall Street. If Squid Game is perhaps the show which best reflects our collective trauma, Anna is just a slice of great entertainment, featuring a con-artist (or is she?) with genius-level intellect who thankfully isn’t the Tinder Swindler. We are totally supportive of the outrageously surreal ‘wave’ of tv shows and movies, because – let’s face it: 2020 and 2021 were far too ‘real’. (Other shows we not-so-stealthily support via our playlist are Blade Runner: Black Lotus and The Expanse)

Favorite February Visual Artist: Javier Casas (moscko)

“Lluvia” by Javier Casas

“Whether digital or analogue (collage, digital composition, drawing or oil painting) my artworks seek to be sensitive visual stimulus, where intimate intentions intertwine in potentially poetic compositions. Reflections of colour, texture, line, stroke and stain in arguments that connect with people. Images that comes as invitations to observe with an open heart. ” – Javier Casas

Favorite February Performance Art: Samora Pinderhughes – Masculinity

We’ve featured other stunning performance art videos in February (like Holly Blakey’s Phantom), but “Masculinity” by Samora Pinderhughes is the one that hit the hardest, a piece about softness, hardships and emotion.

Best Non-February videos or songs we’ve discovered in February: Moss Kena – Square One and Let’s Eat Grandma – Happy New Year

Stunning heavy gospel chorus, or synthpop glory mending a broken relationship? We just couldn’t decide! Both of these are massive tracks worthy of many repeat listens (sorry, “Timefighter” by Lucy Dacus, you were a close third choice!)


Featured Image is The Last Days Of Winter by Jake Vandenbrink.

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