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Music News (Feb 6th 2022): Drum & Lace. Mitski. James Blake. Interlay. Wild Rivers. New German Cinema. LNDFK. QZB. Water From Your Eyes.

Drum & Lace announce full-length LP, delight fans with shimmering “Creatura”

This is perhaps old news for most people, but Drum & Lace’s music is just amazing, and we feel some more appreciation is a must for this producer. Delighting fans of poetry with her warm, exquisite, ambient synth-heavy soundtrack for “Dickinson”, Drum & Lace (Sofia Hultquist) shared “Creatura”, meant to showcase her new LP which will see a 2022 release. Starting off with chittering sounds, an airy, suspended piano, and a baby cooing, the song blossoms into an exploration of birth, nature’s hidden corners and light. With incredibly polished textures, the track’s steady beat and the subtle melody make it a perfect choice for fans of chillout music, those hungry for electronic experimentation or anyone just looking for their morning inspiration.

Mitski shares entrancing “Stay Soft” video from “Laurel Hell”

On “Laurel Hell”, Mitski’s newest album, the indie artist delivers both synth-heavy, ’80s inspired electropop anthems and irreverent art-pop tunes (which sometimes uncover some pretty frightening truths). “Stay Soft” sees the artist (a lover of both Studio Ghibli and horror movies) tending to a garden and ending up fighting masked demons in a delightful blend of choreography and lyrical dissonance. “You stay soft, get beaten – only natural to harden up” and “open up your heart, like the gates of hell” are insightful lyrics guaranteed to stay with you, and director Maegan Houang says the following about the video, which to us recalls the surreal worlds of both Björk and Mew: “(it) is heavily inspired by Romanticism and paintings and artwork from the Victorian era. Like the lyrics of the song ‘Stay Soft,’ paintings from that era have a gentle quality, but they still evoke a certain feeling of unexplored darkness and danger.

Interlay deliver suitably killer Audiotree live performance

If you’re looking for your daily dose of rocking-out, intricate guitar riffs, punchy basslines and electrifying post-punk jams, look no further than Interlay. The band recently performed for Audiotree – a music discovery website focusing on live performances that has always been on our radar. We don’t know what it is about Audiotree that brings out the best in rock musicians, but it really does – we’ve so far seen the amazing Lady Lamb, Soccer Mommy and Torres, and we’re looking forward to seeing allie and writing about it in our live performance section. Meanwhile, Interlay really has it all – their sound is just one of the most compelling mixes of post-grunge, punk, noise-rock and a even a bit of goth we’ve heard lately – we’re loving the iconic raspy vocals and the legendary instrumental portions! Stay until the very last track, “Medic”, to hear the band achieve its full potential – if that’s the direction their full-length release will take, we won’t mind one bit.

James Blake and Labrinth collaborate on Euphoria’s second season with “Pick Me Up”

Euphoria’s composer Labrinth describes James Blake as his “brother in music – we speak the same language”. Sam Levinson’s Euphoria, starring Zendaya and Hunter Schafer and largely described as the new “Skins” – even outmatching that one in both shocks and atmosphere, managing to attract a massive fanbase – is a perfect fit for Blake’s soul-stirring production and vocal experimentation, which first came to our attention years ago with “Retrograde”. Blake’s intensely unique mix of electronic R&B, soul and funk and his trademark warped vocals and laments perfectly complement the show’s dark, alternately oppressive and uplifting mood – which at this point is guaranteed to leave you speechless with every episode. This coincides with the release of Labrinth’s newest cuts from the show, “I’m Tired” – yet another fresh take on gospel music, one which definitely makes you see the James Blake resemblance – and the bass-heavy “Yeh I F***in’ Did it“, featuring an electrifying rap portion and a mean drop to go with it.

Wild Rivers release new album “Love Gone Wrong”, highlight uplifting “Stubborn Heart”

Wild Rivers does a lot of the heavy-lifting by describing both their new album and their newest video for their fans. The album is, in their words, “a little time capsule of a quarter life crisis”, taking “2 years of writing and recording, 45 demos, 8 studios, countless mix revisions”. The single is a cheerful, old-school indie-rock song masterfully blending the voices of both vocalists (a highlight of the band), “a light-hearted attempt at poking fun at naivety and young love, (…) trying to capitalize on that breezy California energy”. Off the new album, we currently can’t get enough of “Amsterdam“, and travelling seems to be a recurring theme for the band’s new material.

Fear of Men’s Jess Weiss unveils project, New German Cinema and single “I Become Heavy”

For fans of everything that recalls the Neue Deutsche Welle, darkwave, ethereal wave and the catch-all “synth-pop” label, Jess Weiss delivers her with newest single “I Become Heavy”, off of her newest side-project, “New German Cinema”. Weiss puts her own spin on a distinctively European sound, with instrospective lyrics, distanced, heavily-processed vocals and punchy synths, the overall effect being both gloomy and immensely danceable. Stereogum describes this as the best soundtrack for a return of “The Americans”, but we feel that the best fit would be the yet-unannounced second season of “We Children from Bahnhof Zoo”.

LNDFK dazzles with new single “Ku” from upcoming album “Kuni”

LNDFK (Italy’s Linda Feki) is one of our favorite new artists, with a unique, groovy sound bridging soul, jazz, electronic music and hip-hop, especially delightful for fans of Little Dragon, TOKiMONSTA or just jazz-hop producers in general. “Ku” transcends all labels, with an improvisational approach to everything from vocals and keyboard solos to its perfect drumming and impeccable sense of timing, eventually settling for a more soul-infused direction, without sacrificing any of the complexity. Really, we’ve been fans ever since the extremely underrated “How Do We Know We’re Alive”.

Liquid drum&bass is still going strong with QZB and Sydney Brice’s “Ashes & Bones”

Over the past decade we’ve been massive fans of drum&bass labels like Hospital Records or producers like High Contrast, Netsky or Lenzman, so we’re simply delighted to have QZB’s collaboration with Sydney Bryce come to our attention. Liquid, vocal d’n’b is music without an expiry date, guaranteed to always have its true believers – more melodic and less energetic than its big brother, but still able to pack a similar punch. “Ashes & Bones” is a shining example of the genre, with echoing vocals and snappy drums joining the classic textures, the soft pads and wobbly bass outlining the perfect atmosphere for Bryce’s jazzy vocals to (softly) deliver the killing blow.

Bonus: Listen to the very inspired lo-fi experimentation of “Water From Your Eyes” in “Structure”

We’ll just leave a bandcamp profile for you to peruse, as Bandcamp Fridays make their return and this is our latest Bandcamp choice from a long list of candidates.

Featured image is “Confusion In Nature” by Clair Koch.

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